E-Mergence Technologies. Pioneering humanistic medical technology.

What if you could feel better, sleep better, reduce pain and inflammation, increase your performance, and accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal itself  without taking drugs or doing any work?

Imagine being able to re-create the effects of earth’s naturally occurring healing sites like Sedona by plugging a simple machine into a standard wall outlet…

Are you a healthcare or wellness professional feeling frustrated about the limited options you can offer your patients? 
Are you tired of seeing healthcare costs skyrocket while results are not improving?



BIO-ALIGN technology generates a safe yet powerful magnetic vortex which can help every cell in your body function optimally.  The measurable effects are holistic and range from the rebalancing of the bio-field to reduced swelling, increased blood flow, and calming of overstimulated nervous systems

BIO-ALIGN can reverse the effects of chaotic “electromagnetic smog”.  This pollution is constantly generated by devices such as WiFi, PDA’s & Cell Phones, laptops & computer screens, and cell phone towers, just to name a few sources.  Even healthy people need preventative maintenance of the BioField to reverse the damaging effects of harmful electromagnetic frequencies in our modern world.

Different from PEMF’s on the market which artificially generate a magnetic field using electric current, BIO-ALIGN amplifies Rare Earth Magnets which are by their very nature the exact magnetics our bodies are evolved to sync with. So rather than potentially exacerbating existing imbalances in the energy field by adding more artificial fields, BIO-ALIGN re-creates naturally occurring magnetic fields to leverage nature’s intelligence for your health and wellness.

As an added benefit to wellness professionals, BIO-ALIGN therapy can be complimentary which means you can be doing something else while you are treated.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Pilot Clinical Studies for BIO-ALIGN in progress.